Your Wedding Playlist – How to Get It Right

Your Wedding Playlist – How to Get It Right

A wedding day is one special day in one’s life. Some people are lucky are enough to experience it just ones while some others more. But in all, a lot of things work hand in hand to make it a special and memorable day. It is okay to be selfish on your wedding day, c’mon it’s your day you should shine the most and everything should be all about you. One small thing that can make a lot of difference on a special day like this is your choice of music; Music has a psychological effect on your guest and also on you. Your selection of music should first depend on you and then your guest comes next. It is advised that you go for more love songs because a wedding it’s a lot about love. And whenever I think about love, for some reason Ed Sheeran – Thinking out loud it’s the first song that comes to my mind and then after Mario – Let me love you.

There are few things to look out for when picking a song for your memorable wedding.


While guests are getting settled down, you should pick a nice background song that sets the tone and mood before the couple arrives. Preferably a nice slow song should set the mood while the guest is still arriving and getting ready to settle down.

The aisle:

Your wedding is one of the most memorable events in your life and you wouldn’t want to ruin the memory. You don’t want to ruin the big entrances you could either silently walk in or maybe get a band to perform a piece of calming music or maybe use “Gold in the Air of Summer” by Kings of Convenience. A very soothing music

Cocktail hour:

It’s the cocktail hour; everyone gets to communicate with each other. A celebratory song is needed to change the mood and get everyone in a happy mood to celebrate the couple. Pick a song that keeps everyone in a mood for socialization.

Take a look at this playlist and see if it would help create a memorable day playlist for you the love of your life

  • Single Ladies (Put a ring on It) – Beyoncé
  • Crazy little thing called love – Michael Bublé
  • On the floor – Jennifer Lopez
  • Marry you – Bruno Mars
  • I wanna dance with somebody – Whitney Houston
  • I’ll Be There for You – The Rembrandts
  • (I’ve had) the time of my life – Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes

Let loose and forget everything else it sounds obvious, but forget what Aunty Rosie has to say, it’s your big day. Keep it real with yourself and pick out the songs you and your partner love the most. You don’t want to hire a DJ and have them pick songs you don’t have memories with and even though you hire one, you should give the DJ your own special playlist. It’s your special day, you don’t have to think about the extra weight you gained or if your dress is attractive or if your mom is going to accept your playlist. Forget about everything and peoples negative opinions. You’re going to dance and shake it off like never before because this special wedding only happens once in a lifetime.

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