Weekday Weddings: The Pro’s & Con’s

Weekday Weddings: The Pro’s & Con’s

Weekday weddings are becoming a thing! It’s becoming an increasingly popular thing, due to its two very significant advantages:

Advantage 1: You can save a HUGE amount of money. I mean huge, with week day weddings shaving off, on average, 35% on venue alone. This is probably the biggest advantage of a having a weekday wedding; think about the effect it could have on the entirety of your wedding. It could literally be the difference between a high street compromise and Jimmy Choo heights for the majority of financial decisions regarding your wedding. Its Chrysanthemums versus dahlias, bowl vases versus large arrangements, and statement versus the expected. Ultimately, you can save a lot of money by booking the same dream venue you want, but on a different day. I think you’ve got the picture.

Advantage 2: Two words. Crowd Control. Weekend weddings are more susceptible to gatecrashers. In some cultures, they’re almost expected. They have the availability, and they aren’t working; it’s a free dinner and and dance and to be honest, they probably don’t even know the couple. It’s more of a “I don’t know them, but still want to go” kind of situation. On the other hand, gatecrashing on a Tuesday? That’s just stupid, because taking time off work to go to an event you haven’t been invited to is just down right risky. Desperate, too.  No one is going to logically do that. So if you are expecting to have gatecrashers, having your wedding on a day that will put them off is not a bad idea.

Although weekday weddings clearly has its advantages, there are a few problems too:

Con 1: Getting the time off. While the financial side is more ideal, you have to risk lower the availability of your guests. People with professions that are demanding, such as doctors, nurses, and teachers will probably have the most difficulty attending weekdays events. Even without the high demanding job, it is a little bit of an inconvenience for people who struggle to get days off during the week. So, you have to be prepared for a lower turnout on the day. Now, a day of celebration without those you want to share it with? Pointless. It just wouldn’t be the same.

Con 2: Logistics. Even if your guests can get the time off work during the week – because logically they could book the day off in advance – you have to be careful about which day you choose. Monday morning traffic would render most guests swapping all the festive action for being stuck in rows of traffic. Therefore,  if your wedding involves travelling or has a morning ceremony, you have got to be careful! A weekday wedding may not have the luxury of time to commute that a weekend wedding provides. For example, a lot of people find it easier to get half days at work on Fridays to make the commute,  or they simply have more free time to prepare for the weekend away.

I have listed only a couple of the pro’s and con’s of having  a weekday wedding but, we can all agree that it certainly is an enticing proposition – one that is not without its risks. Whether you choose a weekday or weekend wedding will ultimately rest upon what you prioritise – a smaller budget or more guests? Make the choice wisely.



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