Ultimate Guide to Wedding Planning

Ultimate Guide to Wedding Planning

You’re engaged! Congratulations, that’s great news, but now it’s time to get down to business. The next year or two of your life will be part living, part dedicated to planning your wedding. And anything that included planning can induce stress. HUBBEE may not be wedding planners but we have a lot of experience with weddings and can offer a few tips for being productive, as stress-free as possible, and have a little fun along the way of planning your big day. Take a look at our list below:

Hire a Wedding Planner

If you have the budget for one, GET. THE. WEDDING. PLANNER. It will be one of the best investments of your wedding as a wedding planner will take a lot of the burden, stress, and time that comes with wedding planning off of your plate.

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Delegate Tasks to Your Bridal Party

If members of your bridal party offer to help you wedding plan, take them up on it! Do yourself a big favour and assign them tasks that they can help you with.

Invest in Stationary

A great way to stay on-plan and productive is by investing in some planners, sticky notes, and notebooks to help you brainstorm, create checklists, plan your weeks, budget, and just generally stay focused. You could even use online checklists and apps to help you do this.

Take Several Personal Days

You must make sure to relieve yourself of the stress of wedding planning by taking at least one day a month to relax. Go to the spa, get your hair or nails done, go to the cinema, or whatever you like to do to unwind – just make sure you do it to stop yourself going crazy!

Take a Trip

This is another ‘if it’s in your budget’ option but taking a short and sweet trip, either with your bridal party or with your fiancé, is a great way to have fun and unwind before the whirlwind of the wedding events begin.


One of the biggest exaggerators of stress is bottling all your worries up to yourself. So confide in your friends and family to get all your worries off your chest. You would be surprised how much it helps, so go ahead and chew their ears off.

Be Honest…

…to yourself and to vendors. Have this three step rule when communicating with vendors: be polite and considerate, keep your budget in mind, and be honest and upfront. Tell the vendor your vision, and even if you can’t reach that exact ideal, they will help you reach something similar while sticking to your budget. And if you don’t like something, be upfront about it, this is your big day and not a bad cut at the hairdressers. Hair grows back, but you can’t turn back time to make those changes you should have made.

We hope that helped you as you start this magical journey towards one of the biggest days of your life.


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