Try Not to Cry At These Wedding Speeches

Try Not to Cry At These Wedding Speeches

One of the best parts of a wedding are the speeches or vows – which ever makes you cry most. We don’t know about you but, HUBBEE loves a good, emotional speech. The summer is coming to an end soon, if you can call it that, and well, it is getting us a little emotional. So, we were inspired to share some of our favourite ones with you. Get the tissues ready – you may need them.

‘This Best Man Turn Six Songs into an Emotional Wedding Speech’

We absolutely love it when people get creative at weddings, and this best man speech is just that! This best man re-writes the lyrics to six songs to create a unique and emotional speech. #BESTMANGOALS

Grandfather Surprises Bride with a Toast over the Phone’

This bride’s grandparents weren’t able to make it to her wedding, but her grandfather surprises her with a few words of wisdom over the phone.

‘Emotional Best Man Speech’

This best man is also the brother of the bride and they have a pretty special bond – which he proves with this emotional speech.

‘Roger and Elena’s wedding in Santorini’

This amazing couple always gets us a little teary eyed every time we listen to their vows that are the backing track for their wedding video.

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