Tips on Picking Your Wedding Playlist

Tips on Picking Your Wedding Playlist

The music is one of the important aspects of your wedding reception. It reflects how you feel at that point when you’re so overwhelmed and you cannot say words, it tells everyone how you feel.  Picking your wedding playlist is as important and picking out the kind of cake for the wedding.

Before you go ahead to pick your wedding playlist two things you must note is this, it’s your day, it’s between you and your spouse, so it has to make the both of you feel good, and the guests are there to share in your happiness, so they have to like the song too. So you’re not just thinking for you, you’re thinking for you and a few( or a lot) other people who came to be happy with you. Another thing is, what you’re picking has to reflect romance, it also has to reflect happiness.

Now that you have the requirements for a wedding playlist down, here are a few tips for picking your wedding playlist.

Your style of wedding matters:

tips on choosing wedding playlist

Know the kind of wedding you’re having first before deciding the kind of music that would go. For example Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ would be out of place in an English themed traditional wedding, you don’t expect the  ‘prim and proper’ to take off their shoes and start clapping and going round in circles now do you? Understand the kind of wedding you’re having first before choosing the list.

Order them correctly:

tips on choosing wedding playlist

No one wants to move from Adele’s ‘make you feel my love’ to a heavy metal rock song in split second. Put them according to their kbps, if you don’t know how to arrange songs according to their kbps, another way to do this is to put all of them in a playlist, wear a headphone, close your eyes and listen, your reaction to the entrance of each song should help you order then perfectly, so people don’t jump from Ed Sheeran’s ‘perfect’ to Imagine Dragons’ Demons, without a preamble.

The venue:

tips on choosing wedding playlist

The acoustic of the place you’re wedding in, find out how good it is, know if the sound there is good, your songs will sound better in a place with better acoustic.

Here you go, picking a playlist s not so complicated if you know what to do.

Finally, if you cannot handle all of these get a DJ, with a strict instruction of what you’d want for your wedding. Your music is important, you should have the best.

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