What do you look forward to the most when you daydream about your wedding day?  Toasts to your partner? Dancing? Whatever it is, there’s no way you would daydream about, or plan, a wedding and your priority wouldn’t be your wedding dress. It’s literally the most important decision you would make.

Now, as there are different shades of white, from oatmeal white to vanilla white, it gets confusing. Let’s not get started on the various styles there are- the ballgown, trumpet, A-line and more. Even if you’ve always had a picture in your head, the many options you’d come across could be exhausting.

Since all eyes are going to be on you, you definitely want to look your best and feel comfortable. Below are tips to guide your selection process and help you know that one dress that’s capable of making you feel exceptionally royal.

You know it’s the one when it

  1. Fits into your wedding theme: whether your wedding is going to be a casual garden one or a formal one, the wedding dress that’s going to be ‘the one’ has to be apt for the theme. You shouldn’t wear a dress that’s more suitable for a garden wedding to a formal one.

tips on picking your wedding dress

  1. Perfectly describes your dream dress: if you haven’t already chosen 2 or 3 words you would like your dress to be qualified with, then you should as bridal consultants recommend it. Whether you want to look chic, retro or glamorous, the search gets easier once it fits into the description of these words. tips on picking your bridal wedding dress
  1. Accentuates your figure: the dress that’s perfect for you should flatter your body and bring out your best features.

tips on picking your bridal wedding dress

  1. Looks perfect in pictures and videos: some dresses may look good in the mirror only for you to take pictures and videos and it appears to make one hip bigger than the other or make you look too lean or chubby. That dress that is not the only theme and figures perfect but also picture perfect is definitely the one!

tips on picking your bridal wedding dress

  1. Fits into your budget: last but not least, you know it’s the one when it ticks every box and is well within your budget.


Picking the wedding dress that’s perfect for you is no small task. However, following the tips above would make your search less tasking.


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