Tips For Picking Your Bridesmaids

Tips For Picking Your Bridesmaids

Tips For Picking Your Bridesmaids

For every bride-to-be, there’s always a support system made up of ladies who have been there for her at different points in her life. These ladies could be her college friends, high school mates, childhood friends, work buddies, and even family members. They are her closest pals and they have played important roles in her personal life. In essence, these girls are the real definition of “ride-or-die”.

Some brides choose their bridesmaids easily, while some others have a pretty difficult time choosing them. Regardless of how it may be, the whole process of selecting the best girls for your big day might be tiring, especially because planning for a wedding is quite stressful. You probably have a whole lot of girls, now you’re wondering which particular ones must face the Herculean task of helping you to make your big day a success. As long as your prioritize carefully, you’ll get a hang of it.

So, here are the top tips that must be considered before picking out your bridesmaids.

Bridal Party Size

This should be the first step you must decide on before picking your bridesmaids out. Talk to your partner and discuss how many groomsmen he wants to bring in his side and how many bridesmaids you want to bring. Pen down those names and finally agree on the number with your partner. Then make a final decision on the number of bridesmaids you want.

Sort Out The Responsibilities

Technically, your bridesmaids are not made for just the glitz, glam and fun on your wedding day. They are meant to be your support system on your big day, and also to take out basic responsibilities on your behalf. Figure out how to share the responsibilities among them and decide if each girl can carry the tasks out. This is definitely one part to figure out before making a final decision.


As much as it is your big day and you want all of your favorite ladies to be in attendance, you also need to be thoughtful. Did your very close pal just lose her job? Did she move to a faraway city? Did one of your best girls just have a baby? If these scenarios happen, you need to re-evaluate. Never force or guilt-trip them into being your bridesmaid, especially if it’s not comfortable for them. As much as you want them to be there, you also need to figure out if it is convenient for your bridesmaids, especially financially.

Remember, always choose the girls that would support your thoughts, beliefs and decision-making process. Choose the most honest girls who would criticize you constructively. Your bridesmaids should never use their own preferences to influence your decisions, rather they could suggest new ideas to make your wedding day better and memorable.

Finally, always appreciate your girls with gifts to show them how much you loved and cherished the support they gave you. Nothing is ever too small, it’s the thought that counts.

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