The Royal Wedding: Favourite Highlights

The Royal Wedding: Favourite Highlights

We are still pinching ourselves from the fairy-tale weekend that passed by too quickly. The Royal Wedding was everything we thought it would be and more – the new Duchess of Sussex did a spectacular job in planning the wedding of the year. We loved every moment and detail but we wanted to share our favourite highlights of the big day with you all.

  1. The Best Photobomb of the Year little boy royal wedding meghan markle

  2. Meghan Markle’s Ethereal Arrival

  3. Prince Charles Walks Meghan Markle Down the Aisle 

  4. ‘Stand by Me’ is Performed and The Exchanging of Vows 

  5. The Powerful and Captivating Sermon by Michael Curry

  6. The Famous ‘First Royal Kiss’ 

Were our favourite moments the same as yours?



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