The 21 Stages of Being The Maid of Honour

The 21 Stages of Being The Maid of Honour

Being a part of a loved one’s wedding is special in its own right, but when you are asked to be maid of honour – that’s an honour that will be cherished forever. At least, that’s what you think when you are asked. The reality is a little less butterflies and rainbows and a little more Marilyn Manson at Halloween. Speaking of Halloween – why don’t we have a look at those horrifying stages of being the maid of honour? Warning: those easily stressed may be triggered. 😉

1) When she asks you to be her maid of honour, you feel as if you are the most special person in the world.

2) And you suddenly feel superior to the other ‘bridesmaids.’

3) Then the magnitude of the responsibility that has befallen you sets in.

4) And you feel as if the weight of a country lies on your shoulders.

5) This is strengthened when the bride begins to give you your list of duties.

6) Her demands become so overbearing that you want to do something you’ll regret later… and by later, we mean 10, 15 years down the line.

7) Like when she refuses to let you have your hair down, even though she knows you hate up-do’s.

8) And when she purposefully chooses a dress that makes you look bad.

9) Which would be fine if it was a colour that actually suited you.

10) You feel like this half of the time:

11) And when you are buying her coffee you realise, she has basically hired a personal assistant – but, you don’t get paid.

12) But once again, you bite your tongue because it’s her big day, and everything must be as she wants it.

13) When it’s time to write your speech, your mind goes blank and suddenly, you don’t even know who the bride and groom are.

14) And when the big day comes around you are so excited – for the wedding, of course, but mostly because it’s all going to end.

15) But then you realise it is as stressful for you as it is the bride.

16) So you are run around all day, helping things to run smoothly.

17) And you look like this in the pictures:

18) But inside, you really look like this:

19) It’s either that or, you look like this in every. Single. Picture:

20) When it’s time to give your speech, you’re nervous but manage to do it, and when your are applauded, it feels like this:

21) Give yourself some praise – you did it, you fulfilled your duty. It was hard – really, really, extra, hard – but you managed to stay friends with bridezilla.

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