Making a Wedding Checklist

Making a Wedding Checklist

He finally got on one knee and popped the question and the euphoria of the engagement party is over then it is time to start planning for the real day. Don’t get too overwhelmed that you forget to start planning early because there is a chance you get too busy that you forget some major things.

The first to do is to get a notepad or journal to begin your journey.  After getting your journal the next thing is to finalize your wedding budget. Don’t start planning without a budget, finalize your budget with your fiancé and your parents so that you know what you are planning with. You can have your dream wedding on almost any budget if you can figure out what is important and focus on a few things, learn to cut the excesses and focus on what is really important.

List out those important things and make sure it fits into your budget, then you begin the checklist. All you have to do is to list them in order of urgency and importance. Like I mentioned earlier, it is important to start planning early, you can start planning from 10 -11 months.

6-11 months

    Pick the date

    Pick the location and confirm

    Choose your wedding theme and color

    Choose the bridesmaids

5 – 3 months

    Order for your wedding gown

    Hire a photographer and music band

    Book your makeup artiste

    Plan for your souvenirs

    Book for hotels

    Get your bridesmaids outfits

    Distribute your invitation card

    Plan and book your honeymoon location

1-2 months

    Final fitting for your wedding gown

    Confirm the details on:

  1. Venue (decoration, location, and lightning)
  2. Attendance
  3. Catering

    Pack for your honeymoon

    Attend your bridal shower

planning a wedding on a budget

Stop planning two weeks to your wedding so that you don’t look so lean and stressed out on your big day. Don’t plan alone, plan with your fiancé and get your best friend or a sister to tag along with you while you plan so that you don’t have to face all the tasks alone and it is also good to get the opinion of another person while you plan.

It is your day and it is all about you so don’t forget to relax. Have fun while planning and if you can afford a wedding planner please get one but even at that use your checklist and always confirm with your wedding planner.

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