How to Relax on Your Wedding Day

How to Relax on Your Wedding Day

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Although it is a big day for both of you, we all know the bride has probably been dreaming about this day for a long time. Whether you are a working woman or just plain busy all the time, chances are you might have a hard time winding down on and for your big day by just focusing on yourself. Of all the days in your life, this is the one that you must prioritise some down time. However, every woman is different and therefore, have different ideas of what ‘me time’ should include. We have listed some suggestions below, so get reading and get relaxing.


Indulge in a Spa Day

Its’s a classic and for good reason – because it never gets old. Nothing can relax a person like a good soak in a hot tub, facials, and massages. There are a few things to be careful of though; on the actual day of your wedding, you shouldn’t do any vigorous facials or massages. The last thing you need is to be red as a tomato a few hours before you walk down the aisle! Speak with your spa or beauty therapist to let them know that you only want relaxing rejuvenating treatments. All the peels and deep cleaning treatments should be done in the weeks prior to the wedding day. An additional point to remember is that if you are not used to getting massages you should tell your masseuse to not do any deep repairing work, it can often make you sore for a day or two and that is exactly the opposite of what we want for your wedding day.

Indulge in Retail Therapy for Your Honeymoon

A lot of women, myself included, find great satisfaction from indulging in a bit of shopping. As a bride, you have a million reasons to be shopping without feeling guilty – your honeymoon being top of the list. Depending on where you are going, buy some feel-good items like swimwear, lingerie, and perhaps some new makeup or perfume. Even if you aren’t looking for something special for your honeymoon, we women can always find satisfaction in buying even the smallest souvenirs. Grab a coffee, take a stroll around the shops, and relax.

Take a Fitness Class

It might not be for everyone however, it is well known that exercise is great for boosting energy and making you feel great afterwards. Again, it is important to not engage in vigorous workouts and instead, something more relaxing and fun – perhaps, yoga, Pilates, or a fun Zumba class.

Empty your Calendar for the Week Before your Wedding

This might turn out to be the most difficult item on this list but nevertheless the most important. The key to wedding planning is being organized – there is absolutely no space for procrastinating. Even when you have planned everything, there are always last-minute tasks that pop-up, so it is important to try and limit the number of things you have to do. So, whatever you can do to lessen your workload in the week before the wedding will be sure to help you relax. The easiest way to ensure that this happens is by having the help of a wedding planner, especially when having a destination wedding.

Find Your Calm

Being calm and collected on the day of your wedding is the key to ensure you enjoy this magical event in your life without any stress. This is certainly easier said than done. The past year or two of wedding planning is finally coming together and there is definitely a lot of excitement and happiness around. However, brides often get overwhelmed with all the details in the last minute when they should be focusing on themselves. Having a wedding planner will be sure to take a lot of the stress away or try to delegate tasks to your bridal party to ensure you are not running around like a headless chicken doing it all yourself.


Hire a Planner

We’ve mentioned a wedding planner a few times in this list, and that’s because it is probably the best way to lessen the stress on your big day. We know for some a wedding planner is just not in the budget which is understandable. Many people have the misconception that hiring a wedding planner equals loads of money and that they will arrange every detail, this is not true. Wedding planners have many resources and contacts that can help you. Some may offer hourly organization meetings or e-book guides to help you to be as organised. Another great option, especially if it is not in the budget, is partial planning or just “on the day” coordination. This is especially the case if you are planning a destination wedding. It is highly recommended to at least have a partial wedding planner because a destination wedding planner has more connections with vendors in their own country.

Give Technology a Break

This would not have been on this list if it was written, perhaps, 10 years ago, but in this day and age technology constantly is taking all of our attention. This doesn’t mean you should stay away from your phone indefinitely but the best thing you can do is to delegate the social media aspect of your wedding to someone else – a bridesmaid or other guest. Your photographer and videographer will catch every beautiful moment of the day and whatever they may miss a friend with a phone will surely catch. Immerse yourself in the moment and enjoy every second of it!



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