How To Personalise Your Wedding – Top Tips!

How To Personalise Your Wedding – Top Tips!

If you are a sucker for personalized items then you would fancy adding personalized touches to your wedding. Doing this would make your day unforgettable, unique and also set it apart. Now, when you think ‘personalizing’, you might immediately equate it to extra expenses. No, you don’t have to overshoot your budget to make your wedding a personalized one.

Creative Ways to Personalise your Big Day

Here are a few creative ideas to help you personalize your wedding whilst also sticking to your budget.

  1. Write a story on how you met and place them on tablespersonalise your wedding day Some of your guests may not be privy to the details of how you met your spouse and so, incorporating this into the day would let them onto the information while also keeping them entertained.
  2. Play a slideshow of your love journey using pictures and videospersonalise your wedding day Your wedding is all about you and your partner. Take yourself and your wedding guests down the memory lane of your love story beginning with pictures and videos from when you first met to your dates, engagement all the way to your pre-wedding shoots(if you had any).
  3. Vowspersonalise your wedding day What better time is there to remind your spouse of how much you love them than on your wedding day, in front of family, friends and all of your guests? It could be funny, cheesy or deep. There are no rules to be broken here so let your personality shine through your expression of love to your partner.
  4. Thank You Notespersonalise your wedding day As much as the wedding day is all about the couple, the guests are equally important. Make them feel appreciated and welcome by placing hand written appreciation notes on the tables. It is little acts like this that would make your wedding day unforgettable.
  5. A ‘you’ entrancetips on picking your bridal wedding dress Everyone loves wedding reception entrances. Make yours more loveable and lively by entering in a grand way that is so you. What’s that fun activity you enjoy doing together? Cycling? Then cycle in together. Singing? Then perform a duet while walking in together. That’s a very romantic scene right there.

Giving your wedding an extra pop of character and uniqueness gives the atmosphere an indescribable warm feeling that is sure to linger onto your memory and that of your guests for as long as forever. It’s your day, stepping outside the box is totally acceptable so, go for it!

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