Five Tips on Getting the Wedding Menu Right

Five Tips on Getting the Wedding Menu Right

Have you ever been at a wedding reception and you just can’t stop talking about how divine the food was or how it felt like the caterer read your mind? Well, menu or Item 7 as it is fondly called is an important factor to take into recognition when planning for a hitch-free wedding.


Most event planners prefer to leave this duty into the able hands of caterers but sometimes a personalized touch from couples would add spice to the entire ceremony thereby leaving an unforgettable impression on the mind of guests.

How do you go about that?
  1. Number of guests determines the serving style: Buffet or hand delivered meals are the two major styles incorporated during wedding receptions. Taking into cognizance the number of expected guests will help control the budget targeted towards meal preparation.

wedding buffet menu tips

  1. Consider several palates: Avoid meals that supply only one nutritional value and incorporate an array of dishes that tantalize the taste buds of guests.

wedding buffet menu tips


It is impossible to know the food allergy of every guest so therefore consultations with a nutritionist beforehand to provide healthy meal plans that sate the tats buds is key.

Not forgetting the fact sometimes menus contain some of the favorite meal of the couple.

  1. Time management: Eating usually takes up time going by the number of food courses in play. From appetizers to entrées and finally desserts, MCand wedding planners try to work hand inserting it gently into the programme.

Winter Wedding Theme

The easiest way to control free fall is by timing each food course 1-1.5-1 (by the hour) and this gives room for other activities in store wedding guests.

  1. Consider the season: This is another essential point that mustn’t be set aside. Holding a wedding during winter means providing a meal plan that warms up guests such as soup in various culinary forms. This would be greatly appreciated and definitely leave a fond memory in the hearts of people.

wedding buffet menu tips

Set a cheery mood at your wedding reception with seasonal drinks and cocktails like; Eggnogs for winter, Cranberry margaritas in Autumn or Iced tea for a summer outdoor wedding reception.

  1. A menu card: Having this in place saves servers the time of going back and forth writing down special orders. This makes the job easy and it can even be designed in a way to cater to select people like vegetarians or diabetic patients.

wedding buffet menu tips

Stated earlier was the idea of couples putting personalized messages for guests. With these menu cards, it is made possible from handwritten to printed words. In so doing this surely, guest happiness is assured.



Budgeting for the meal plan is usually settled during vendors meetings where the couple state their finances and the wedding planner provides what will work best for the perfect ceremony. This also acts as an excellent guideline for the caterers who set aside tasting days for selected menus that won’t break banks but yet deliver, and that is the goal.

Deliver your guests, a meal plan that leaves an unforgettable culinary delight on their taste buds.

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