Choosing The Right Wedding Photographer

Choosing The Right Wedding Photographer

Yesterday, we came across an interesting article, published on the Daily Mail, regarding a furious couple who had decided to sue their wedding photographer. According to newlyweds Steph and Paul Unwin, their photographer took only 70 pictures of the bride, 11 of the groom, 1 of Steph Unwin’s parents, and none of her in-laws. It gets interesting when they revealed that in comparison, their Manchester based photographer had snapped nearly 100 pictures of the two bridesmaids – including revealing close-ups of their breasts and bottom.

In retaliation, the photographer defended himself by saying that he took ‘thousands of photos’ – in reality he snapped 1,636 images, of which 559 were out of focus and those in focus seemed to be focusing on the wrong things. He also added that the ‘revealing close-ups’ had been cropped, and the couple’s complaints that there were no outside shots of the wedding were due to weather problems beyond his control.

One of the few photographs of the bride and groom that the photographer managed to capture. Via Daily Mail


Ultimately, it seems that all this could have been avoided with some thorough research into choosing the right photographer/videographer for your wedding. We asked HUBBEE vendors Barima Photography and Parrot and Pineapple Photography for some tips and things to consider when choosing your photographer and they were:


This only seems straightforward at first. Not only should the happy couple have a general idea of what they want – natural and candid vs. posed; colour or black & white, etc. – but the photographer should be someone whose work they can not only be impressed by but see themselves and their guests in. If the photographer can combine masterful visuals with an emotive sense of what the day was like, then that’s a photographer worth commissioning!

V A L U E  for  M O N E Y

Packages have become a cornerstone of the wedding photography industry – I think it’s far more valuable for the clients to know that they’re receiving more than just a set of edited pictures. I consult with my clients and my fellow vendors, from caterers to lighting designers to wedding planners, in order to ensure the best presentation and the most informed decisions for my shots – it’s not only a job, but a collaboration. I also include engagement shoots, prints and books, with much of this being complimentary, depending on the package. If you’re charging in the mid-range and above, clients need to know exactly what they’re getting out of your rates.

F A C E  to  F A C E 

When picking a photographer, always have a face to face meeting with them – or if that’s not possible a video call – getting to know the person behind the camera. Your photographer will be with you on a very intimate and potentially stressful day, so having a good rapport with the person you choose is essential. It also gives you a prime opportunity to ask any questions you may have, take a look at their work, make sure if they can deliver what you have in mind, and finally, exactly what the packages they offer entail.


When previewing the photographer’s work, ask to see two different weddings in their entirety, it’s always useful to see how a photographer approaches the different parts of the day and not just edited highlights. You should be looking for consistency in the images and that they can take photographs in different lighting situations.

These are very important things to keep in mind, make sure you and your photographer are on the same wave-length and you will be more confident that they can deliver what you are wishing for. Choosing the right photographer/videographer is one of the most crucial parts of your day as they will be the ones providing you with the physical memories of your big day for the rest of your life. The last thing you want is to end up like Steph and Paul Unwin and tarnish the memory of your day with a nightmare photography story.
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