Choosing a Unique Hashtag for your Wedding?

Choosing a Unique Hashtag for your Wedding?

It’s official. The world has gone hashtag crazy. No event or cause is complete without a memorable hashtag to go with it – #Beychella, #MeToo, #Covfefe. For most people, the biggest event in their life will be their wedding day and a lot of time, effort, and stress go into creating the perfect day. So much so that, according to this article by Popsugar, people have no time to conjure up the perfect hashtag to epitomise their day.

If you can’t think of a creative hashtag for your big day, fear no more, because Happily Ever Hashtagged, will do it for you! The article states that they will charge a small fee in return for creating you some unique and “retweetable” hashtags. #kerching

It is certainly not a terrible idea as the majority of Instagram users use a hashtag in their picture captions – especially for wedding photos. So, it makes sense to have something fun and unique that all your guests can use when uploading content;  you can also easily find all your wedding posts without scouring your friend’s profiles for snaps of your big day.

We have converted the prices from the Popsugar article from dollars into pounds and it works out as roughly £28 for one hashtag, or £60 for three. And hashtags are not where it ends, Snapchat has allowed users to create their own customised filters in return for a small fee for a few years now. So what do you think? Is a hashtag a must-have part of a wedding? Would you pay to have someone create a unique one for you?

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What would your hashtag be, or what was it – if you are already married? Share it with us in the comments!

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  • Jason Park
    26th April 2018 7:06 pm

    Damn!!! This had me gobsmacked for a minute! I mean, come on?! A personal hashtag! Whoa! Guess who’s making this one viral! I so loved the idea because we tech-savvy people survive on such kinks and this seems like the perfect way to flaunt the big day. Fantabulous!

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