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The 20 Stages of Planning a Wedding That Most Brides Know to be True

Getting engaged, isn’t it just magical? Everyone congratulates you and you are the centre of attention, but no-one warns you of the huge black cloud that will overtake your life – that is, wedding planning. Below we’ve listed the 20 stages of wedding planning that most brides are sure to go through: First thing’s first; you excitedly make the announcement…

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How To Personalise Your Wedding – Top Tips!

If you are a sucker for personalized items then you would fancy adding personalized touches to your wedding. Doing this would make your day unforgettable, unique and also set it apart. Now, when you think ‘personalizing’, you might immediately equate it to extra expenses. No, you don’t have to overshoot your budget to make your wedding a personalized one. Creative…

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