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The 20 Stages of Planning a Wedding That Most Brides Know to be True

Getting engaged, isn’t it just magical? Everyone congratulates you and you are the centre of attention, but no-one warns you of the huge black cloud that will overtake your life – that is, wedding planning. Below we’ve listed the 20 stages of wedding planning that most brides are sure to go through: First thing’s first; you excitedly make the announcement…

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Weekday Weddings: The Pro’s & Con’s

Weekday weddings are becoming a thing! It’s becoming an increasingly popular thing, due to its two very significant advantages: Advantage 1: You can save a HUGE amount of money. I mean huge, with week day weddings shaving off, on average, 35% on venue alone. This is probably the biggest advantage of a having a weekday wedding; think about the effect it…

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Try Not to Cry At These Wedding Speeches

One of the best parts of a wedding are the speeches or vows – which ever makes you cry most. We don’t know about you but, HUBBEE loves a good, emotional speech. The summer is coming to an end soon, if you can call it that, and well, it is getting us a little emotional. So, we were inspired to…

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5 Amazing Wedding Entrances That You Have to See!

We love seeing beautiful, unique, or just plain fun wedding entrances, speeches, and dances. This week, we are sharing a few of our favourite wedding entrances with you. Have a look below at our list of five wedding entrances that you just have to see. 5. Fun and Quirky: this bride and groom gave each of their bridesmaids and groomsmen…

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