Benefits of a Destination Wedding

A wedding where you and your spouse travel away from your locality to go tie the knots somewhere else, usually a resort, is what you’d call a destination wedding.

You just might think having a destination wedding is not a great idea because the whole idea of one sounds expensive. That’s however not true, as a destination wedding is just as large or small as your guest list, making it easily controllable. You decide just how much people you have at your wedding as not everyone who knows you can just walk into a destination wedding, a bit of traveling is needed, so you decide who comes and who doesn’t, this helps cut your expenses.

This above is just one of the benefits of having a destination wedding, here are a few other benefits that might interest you.

  • It’s a break from the norm:


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A destination wedding gives you the chance to be creative. Most traditional laws that bound wedding ceremonies have a lot more effective when the wedding is held at your locality, involving the church and all the usual procedures that comes with these ceremonies. A destination wedding affords you the chance to do just what you want with your big day without interference. You can decide to wear just what you want because you’re not limited to the dress code of a traditional wedding system. You can decide to skip the sermon and go straight to the vows to save time. As a matter of fact, whatever crazy idea for a wedding you have in your mind can be brought to life at a destination wedding.

  • Wedding and reception in one place:


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You do not have to move the guests from the wedding to the reception, as destination weddings are usually held in a resort, so the moment the declaration is made, the reception could start almost immediately without a change of venue as you just might not have a need to. Everything happens in one place.

  • You could continue your honeymoon there:


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You’re already at a destination! You could just book the honeymoon suite of the resort you did your wedding in. No need to book flights to travel for honeymoon.

Destination weddings are becoming a majority choice for most people because it comes with an all-inclusive package. All these benefits usually come in one package including event planning. This makes it easy for you, pick a resort, and let them plan it all out for you. An added benefit is you offer your guests and family members a vacation.

A destination wedding offers you a chance to do a lot of things, that would cost you next to nothing.


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