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Choosing your bridal party

Before we go into the specifics there are 2 golden rules to keep at the back of your mind at all times!

Rule number 1-Only consider people you are confident will not only get the job done to the highest standard, but are also the most trustworthy and dedicated people you know. You may not be paying them with physical cash but you are entrusting them with one of the most important days of your life. You have to be certain they will live up to the requirements of the role and take it very seriously!

Rule number 2- Never EVER choose people just to make up numbers. If you would not have chosen them to begin with, there is a reason for that. Yes, you want the ratio of bridesmaids and groomsmen to be even, but there are ways around this that doesn’t involve adding people to fill gaps. Don’t do it. You will most likely regret it.

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Role of a wedding planner: Fact vs Fiction

First things first and probably the biggest myth to bust- “Wedding planners take over and won’t let you have a say in your own wedding”.

Completely untrue. If it is, then you need to sack your wedding planner and get a new one. Firstly, most wedding planners should have already had an initial consultation with you to establish your wants and needs in regards to your wedding and have some form of a brief to work with. In essence, a wedding planner is working with ideas you would have already shared with them and bringing your visions to life, give or take a few of their own suggestions. The amount of involvement we have is entirely up to you, it is YOUR day and it should feel that way.

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Budget and Finance

Cutting costs without cutting corners!

Remember your budget is there for a reason, so don’t over exert yourself financially. If you can’t afford it then you can’t afford it-it’s as simple as that. Yes, you want to have an amazing day but you certainly should not go broke in the process..that’s not the way to start married life! Even in situations where you can afford to splash a bit, you should still make sure you are being practical and ask yourself if certain things are worth spending so much money on.

Here is a tip- make a list of things that are ‘nice to have’ and the ‘absolute essentials’ that the day cannot function without. We know some of us like to turn the ‘nice to have’ into essentials but don’t lie to yourself! Make sure the majority of your budget is NOT going towards the ‘nice to have’ as opposed to the essentials-this is often where people fall short.

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Wedding Checklist

Small things that can ruin your big day…or people’s perception of it!

Make sure you pick a good time for speeches. They are so important and normally one of the highlights of the day if done correctly and at the right time. We would recommend after people have eaten so their stomachs aren’t turning and they can actually concentrate on the beautiful words being shared. You have invited all of these people to share your special day for a reason, so the least they can do is be attentive to the speeches!
But, sometimes this can be hard if they are distracted by:

-Eating their food
-Thinking about eating food
-Wishing the speeches would finish so they can eat food

Bottom line is, with food on the brain it can cause people to lose focus. Ensure that some starters or light appetizers are provided to line peoples stomach’s if you plan on delivering speeches before meal time. I know, it shouldn’t just be about food, but if your guest’s last meal was breakfast and the church ceremony has been a few hours, and they most likely have also had to wait a few hours at the reception, naturally they will become hungry and restless no matter how hard they try!

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