Alethea & Stanley

Alethea & Stanley

For our wedding, we had to work hard to make it more about quality then quantity. We both come from African families, so immediate family alone is up to 200 people! We had decided early on that we wanted to keep our wedding as intimate as possible so that we could concentrate on making people feel special.

As we had a small budget we had to think about how this could be done creatively (small tip if you are on a budget. Check out WOWCHER and Groupon for deals. They have great 8hr photography packages for £200, and 4 tier wedding cakes starting from £200 also!)

In order to make our wedding feel intimate we did the following things.

1. We chose an intimate looking venue

A venue that looks romantic and beautiful all adds to the sense of intimacy as people arrive. Also, it adds to the ceremony and reception feeling cosy.

2. Table notes to each guest for the reception

We wanted to personally thank each guest for travelling so far to spend the day celebrating with us so we put a personalised table note on each seat with a heartfelt thank you message!

3. Thoughtful wedding favours

We chose Shea butter! So many people were pleasantly surprised by such a different idea and they loved that we had chosen something practical yet thoughtful.

4. We choose to have our ceremony and reception in the same location









This was so important to my husband and I. We didn’t want people to feel stressed with travelling, traffic, parking so we chose a venue that could eliminate all of those issues so that guests could feel relaxed, and as though they were being taken care of!

Have good lighting!

Gorgeous lighting just sets the perfect mood!


Venue: Hylands House

Printers: Instant Print

Wedding Favours: Shea butter from Ghana

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