5 Chic Wedding Colour Schemes That You Need To See!

5 Chic Wedding Colour Schemes That You Need To See!

Wedding themes these days can look all too similar. The baby pink colour scheme is beautiful and it will probably always be a favourite with brides, but why not try something different? There are endless colour schemes available to discover in the internet universe – so much so that a google search ends up feeling like tasting the rainbow. Yes, HUBBEE loves skittles. To help you cut out the middle man, we have made and present to you five chic and stylish colour themes that you need to see! If you are a bride to be or simply a wedding fanatic,  we’d love to know which one is your favourite.


To some monochromatic white with silver, gold, or mirror hardware may seem boring and nothing groundbreaking – and if it’s not done well, then it definitely can be. However, some brides may be frightened by the idea of only using one colour, and although white is traditionally bridal, it can also be very plain. That’s precisely why baby pink themed weddings have a lot of white, the baby pink is effectively there to break up the blank background. On the other hand, the mood board we have created above proves that, if done properly, white is the perfect wedding colour all by itself. It creates a vibe that is heavenly, pure and angelic while also being completely majestic and luxurious.

2. REGAL   R E D

Red is not the most rare colour used for weddings, but we just love it when paired with gold details and hardware. It can essentially turn your day from a wedding into a royal affair. The regal atmosphere that a deep, blood red paired with gold tableware, candle holders, and details creates is matched only by an emerald green and gold colour theme. Here at HUBBEE, although this theme is most matched with winter weddings, we think it’s perfect all year round; because, let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to feel like royalty on their wedding day?

3. 50 SHADES OF   L I L A C

Pastel colour schemes have always been a hit with brides to be, and what we love about lilac is how versatile it is. It can either be used as the main event, like we have in our lilac, grey, and silver mood board, or as a secondary colour in others. When paired with grey, the similarity of the two colours create a wedding with a sleek and sophisticated finish – topped off with silver hardware and you have a match made in heaven. At HUBBEE, we recommend this colour scheme for spring/summer weddings due to the cool tones of the colours.


 HUBBEE has always been a fan of the greenery/rustic look at weddings, there is just something special about bringing elements of the outside into indoor events – the results, we think, are magical. And even though this theme is becoming more and more prevalent in the wedding industry, we just had to include it in our list. You might think it difficult to have a chic wedding while bringing trees inside, but we guess it comes down to how talented your wedding designer is.


 Baby Blue is a colour that we don’t see as often as the rest at weddings. Which we think is a shame because we are in love with it! Any shade of pastel blue marries perfectly with silver (pardon the pun) and looks absolutely beautiful. We know, it can communicate a lot of Alice in Wonderland vibes but, is that a bad thing? This theme is quite versatile in that, depending on your own personal taste, you can adapt it to be modern and chic by adding mirrors, chandeliers, and silver hardware (tableware, candelabras etc.) OR rustic and earthy by adding greenery, lots of candles, and wooden details.

We hope we made you feel inspired by looking at these mood boards and exploring colour themes. Our thinking hats are certainly tingling now!


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