10 Things to Consider For a Beach Wedding

10 Things to Consider For a Beach Wedding

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This year, fun, informal beach weddings that incorporate the minimal boho style has been very on-trend. We love the dreamy, free, magical sense of them. As well as the fact that they create lovely pictures and there are tons of amazing boho mood boards on Pinterest . They are a dream come true for many creative fun couples like, perhaps, you and your husband.

There is a big difference, though, between dreaming about your destination beach wedding and planning it. I’m certain you can imagine how you would like it to work out, but can you imagine what it took to make it happen? By having a beach wedding certain things like; weather, accessibility, amenities etc. must be taken into consideration. To assist you, we have put together some helpful tips for planning your beach wedding:

Think Light Fabrics

This goes for everyone attending the wedding and, most importantly, the bride. Many bridal
gowns that we all dream of and wish for are not made of breathable fabrics. In most climates
that would not be a problem, even in a church wedding. When it comes to beach weddings, on the other hand, being out in the sun for many hours in the wrong type of dress could make you overheat. Choosing
fabrics such as chiffon and charmeuse, that are light weight, will help you to stay cool and look elegant in the ocean breeze simultaneously. Inform your guests about the weather forecast before the wedding, so they can prepare as well.

Consider an Up-do

Although you don’t know what the weather will be like – it may or may not be windy on the day of your beach wedding. Depending on the time of year, in most cases there is just a light breeze, but you must also be prepared for some gusty winds when considering a beach wedding. An up-do is much more manageable than loose curls or beach waves, so speak to your hair dresser and make sure your hairstyle can withstand windy weather. It’ important to also think about the veil, being so light and long can mean it will be all over the place. We have even seen veil weights being used to keep a bride’s veil down in very windy occasions. Another option many brides go for is to wear a crown of flowers or a smaller
version of a veil.

Beach Rules

The world is full of beautiful beaches, some with sand and some that are pebbled – and beach season is from June till the end of September. These are important to consider when planning your wedding as while it is permissible for you to have a wedding on the beach, swimmers are also allowed to stay as long as they wish. A wedding planner can help with managing swimmers but, it is wise to expect that your beach wedding will take place around 6-7pm. This is the best time in regards to the heat, the beautiful sunsets, and the time when the beach will be emptiest.

Avoid Tan Lines

It is beautiful to be sun kissed for your romantic beach wedding but, remember to keep a few
things in mind. You should wear a bathing suit that will not give you large or obvious tan lines. Remember to wear sun screen with the correct SPF as well as other sun protection throughout your vacation to avoid getting burned. It is also very important that you drink a lot of water, as your skin photographs
best when you are well hydrated and photographs last a lifetime!


When arranging the date and time of your wedding day, it is really important to
know what direction the sun will rise and set in, at what time that will happen, and whether or
not there will be too many swimmers at the beach. In most cases, the best time of the day to
have your beach wedding is probably around 6-7pm depending on the time of year.
This is just another detail that hiring a wedding planner can take care of.

Hire a Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding is hard enough as it is, and it can be very stressful. Your dream beach wedding is very possible, but will be much less stressful, for you, if planned by a professional who knows a lot about your dream location. Destination wedding planners can help in so many ways and as having a wedding on the beach needs a little extra in the planning department, the best thing to do is to consider a professional. For example, in most cases there is no seating available, and depending on the location there are no bathrooms either. However, a wedding planner who is familiar with the country, its rules and regulations, and has the connections, can easily arrange for all of these things to run smoothly.

Set up a Shoe Station

A beach wedding can only mean one thing – sand, sand, and more sand, oh, and a bit of wind. This is why you should set up a designated spot for your guests to dust off their feet. I have seen benches
with water buckets and towels available, and even paintbrushes to brush off sand. If you are feeling really hospitable, you could also supply your guests with bug spray and sunscreen.

Let the Guys Go Informal

You may have always dreamed of your husband wearing a smart tuxedo for your wedding, so have we. However, as we mentioned before regarding the conflict of beach weddings and thick fabrics, you might want to let your groom do the same. A black tux in the sun is a recipe for disaster – for your groom. The best attire for men attending a beach wedding is linen pants or long shorts, cotton shirts, sandals or loafer type shoes, and light colours. If you are both still set on him wearing something a bit more formal, he could wear everything except the tux jacket.

Prepare For Wind

We mentioned the wind earlier and to dress yourself and your hair accordingly, but, it’s also important to weigh down the other elements in your wedding. A good rule is anything that can fly, will. So, weigh down any paper or light materials with shells or rocks. Pick flowers that can stand the possible wind, and make sure your decorations are weighed down properly. Wind also has an effect on the way sound travels on the beach. For example, if you have a fairly large wedding guestlist you may need to rent a microphone and sound system so all of your guest can hear what is going on.

Be Thoughtful

While visiting your beach destination, soak up the sun, partake in their customs, and swim as much as you want, but always remember to be respectful of the beaches and culture of the country you are visiting. For example, you may not think that your wedding will have an impact on their eco system, but it can if proper
measures are not taken. You can help to avoid this by providing a few bins and encouraging your guests not to leave anything behind.

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